Get Seen

Get your school seen.

Get bragging rights as the best school paintball team in your province or even ultimately in South Africa.

  1. Join or start a school club for your school/university or area
  2. Find at least 2 friends from the same school/university to join you
  3. Connect with your local field that will host NSUPL events
  4. Sign up for a provincial NSUPL event when they are announced.
  5. If your team win the provincial event they can claim the NSUPL Provincial Champion title and your team will go to the NSUPL National Championships where they will get the chance to claim the title as the NSUPL Champion in SA.

The NSUPL Starts

The NSUPL was started during 2012 when Paul Grobler saw a need for a competitive league where players from the same school or university could compete against each other in a safe, fun and family friendly environment.

Alot of planning has gone into this league and we believe that it will create a new experience for new as well as experienced players to enjoy the sport.

During the following months more information will become available as schools starts with their local paintball clubs and join local fields to become part of the NSUPL.

Teams will compete in club events at their local field and once a year there will be a provincial event where teams can compete for top spots to also compete in the national event where the teams from various provinces will compete to be crowned the best SA team in their respective division.