High School

The game

To showcase each player’s skills while making play fun and affordable for players of all experience levels, the NSUPL features the Tactical RaceTo-2 format. Tactical RaceTo-2 uses the same rules as the groundbreaking RaceTo format pioneered by Paintball Sports Promotions and adopted by the SARPL, but with a twist. We’ve added a tactical component that rewards pregame strategy and precision performance on the field: Each team starts each point with no more than 600 paintballs. Split them evenly for hopperball, or give more to your back players, the tactical decision is yours!

Rules follow the NSUPL Rulebook with the modification of it being 3 man, 3 minutes time limit, and limited paint.


All players on a team must attend the same high school, with limited exceptions noted below.

It is NOT necessary for your team to be officially recognized by your school. The ONLY requirement is that all of your players are eligible.

For private schools, only students who actually attend that school may play on that school’s team. For public schools, the following players are eligible to play on that school’s team:

  • Any student who is enrolled at that high school.
  • Any student who is home schooled, but would attend the school if they enrolled in public school.
  • Any student who is enrolled in gr 7, and will attend the high-school when they graduate from their primary school.

NO ONE ELSE is eligible to compete for a high school team. If you have any questions about eligibility rules, you should email info@nsupl.co.za or call 083 449 9819

NSUPL Event Dates